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My First 101 Words

My First 101 Words

“My First 101 Words” is a fun, interactive and educational iPad and iPhone app aimed at teaching toddlers and others their first words in English through the use of video. The App was included in The Guardian’s 50 best Apps for kids 2013 and has been sold in over 30 countries around the world. 

A boy called Abe and a girl called Myrelle take the user through a series of videos  which teaches the user different words.  The words have been selected to include nouns and verbs found in resources supporting pre-school speech and language development and each word is either an object or an action which can be represented accurately and concisely through the medium of video.  The word is demonstrated with the appropriate action or object, followed by the word being spoken by Abe or Myrelle.  The word is then repeated in a voiceover as the word appears written on the screen.

There is a ‘play all’ option and a ‘shuffle’ option for the videos.   In the standard ‘play all’ option the videos are played in a sequence (words are grouped accordingly) and the user can either replay the video (‘replay’ button) or proceed to the next one (‘next’ button).  In the ‘shuffle’ option the order of words is random but the app uses the same menu system of ‘replay’ and ‘next’.   The menu system uses the entire screen so that toddlers can easily navigate their way around the app.

To buy the “My First 101 Words” video app please visit the Apple App store: Available on the App Store