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The Hybrid Flywheel

The Hybrid Flywheel

Williams Hybrid Power has developed a novel, patented electromechanical composite flywheel system that provides a high-power, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for mobile or stationary energy recovery and storage.

We worked with WHP to create their new website, complete with our own animations showcasing their race winning technology. Initially developed for F1 this hybrid technology is now being applied to a wide range of applications. The benefit of the technology is that it doesn’t require large banks of heavy, environmentally unfriendly batteries.

The website was built using HTML5 and incorporates designs which produces a Parallax effect for the viewer. This visual phenomenon is best explained by way of example below: as the viewpoint moves side to side, the objects closer to the camera appear to move faster, while the objects in the distance appear to move slower.

We created this effect by using abstracts from the technology’s technical drawings as layers over background images, with floating menu items and side scrolling content sections.

One challenge we faced was a tight deadline, as the site had to be ready in time for the 24hour endurance race at Le Mans , where Audi had entered a car that incorporated the WHP flywheel (Audi R18 e-tron quattro). To everyone’s delight the website was ready just in time to witness Audi win the race. This marked the first time Le Mans has been won by a hybrid electric vehicle.