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What is the Social Progress Index?

What is the Social Progress Index?


The Social Progress Imperative is a US-based not for profit organisation whose mission is to improve the lives of people around the world, particularly the least well off, by advancing global social progress. Each year the Social Progress Index, a robust, holistic and innovative measurement tool is launched, which measures a country’s social progress outcomes and identifies the areas in which countries are both excelling and underperforming compared to countries with a comparable GDP per capita. 

In 2016, was involved in producing the content and digital strategy for the launch of the Social Progress Index. The created content included a ‘What is the Social Progress Index’ video as well as a shorter 2016 index results animation, an infographic and other imagery such as the “human portraits” presented above. Blueprint also assisted in the campaign’s strategy and deployment across multiple social channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In just under a month the global campaign resulted in nearly half a billion impressions, 19,800 mentions and 2,700 new signups to the social progress newsletter – doubling the number of signups gathered from the previous four years.