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The ALFApump® System

The ALFApump® System

Sequana Medical is a Swiss medical device company dedicated to improving patient lives through innovative technologies to manage fluid within the body.

Sequana’s first therapeutic product, the ALFApump® System, is a new solution to manage ascites which can occur as a symptom of advanced liver disease, certain cancers or congestive heart failure. Other applications of this core pump technology are in development

We created an animation sequence showing how the ALFApump® System: a fully implantable, battery powered pump that can be charged through the skin operates. We wanted to show how this specifically engineered product provides robust, dependable and safe fluid transport in a fully implanted setting.  Our aim was to show how the unique combination of pump systems, pressure sensing capabilities, wireless charging, communications solutions and software design have all contributed to creating a world class therapeutic product.

The content is widely used at events and was broadcast on BBC News.